Brill Memorial Lectures

Established February 22, 1950

The Brill Memorial Lecture honors the many contributions to psychoanalysis of A.A. Brill (1874-1948), the founder of the New York Psychoanalytic Society in 1911. Although the lecture series was founded in 1950, it was decided to retroactively recognize as the first A.A. Brill Memorial Lecture the paper given by Clarence P. Oberndorf, “Development of Psychoanalysis in America” on the occasion of the A.A. Brill Memorial meeting on March 29, 1949. Brill lecturers have included Sander Abend, Jacob Arlow, Siegfried Bernfeld, Peter Blos, Sr., Heinz Kohut, Margaret Mahler, Annie Reich, and Robert Waelder.

The current Chair of the Brill Lecture Committee is Leon Balter, M.D.

November 10, 2015
"The Fate of the Dream in a Two-Person Psychological World"
Peter Dunn, M.D.

December 14, 2010
“The Transformation of Psychoanalysis in America: Emigre Analysts and NYPSI, 1938-1961”
Nellie Thompson, Ph.D.

November 14, 2006
“The Ethical Underpinnings of Psychoanalytic Practice”
Robert Grayson, M.D.

September 27, 2005
“The Cult of the Male Musical Entertainer”
Leon Balter, M.D.

October 28, 2003
“The Dialectic of Impersonality and Self-Revelation in Flaubert’s Madame Bovary”
Francis Baudry, M.D.

November 12, 2002
“On the Processes of Identification”
David Milrod, M.D.

November 27, 2001
“Some Hazards to Neutrality in Training Analysis”
Shelley Orgel, M.D.

February 27, 2000
“Darwin and Freud: The Face and the Couch”
Marianne Goldberger, M.D.

November 30, 1999
“From Monologue to Dialogue: A Transition in Psychoanalytic Practice”
Theodore Shapiro, M.D.

November 19, 1998
“The Reconstruction of Reminiscence”
Harold Blum, M.D.

November 18, 1997
“What is ‘Applied’ in ‘Applied’ Psychoanalysis?”
Aaron H. Esman, M.D.

November 12, 1996
“Fear of Object Loss as a Resistance to Change in Psychoanalysis”
Michael S. Porder, M.D.

November 28, 1995
“A.A. Brill: The Politics of Exclusion and the Politics of Pluralism”
Arnold D. Richards, M.D.

November 29, 1994
“Illusion and Disillusion”
Ernest Kafka, M.D.

November 30, 1993
“Delphiniums Blue and Geraniums Red: On Communication, Metacommunication, Miscommunication and Disagreements in the Analytic Situation”
Theodore J. Jacobs, M.D.

November 17, 1992
“Teaching the Methodology of Clinical Evidence”
Dale Boesky, M.D.

November 26, 1991
“From Freud’s Schreber to Modern Neurobiology: Evolving Concepts of Schizophrenia”
Martin Willick, M.D.

November 27, 1990
“From Play to Playfulness in Psychoanalysis”
Albert J. Solnit, M.D.

November 28, 1989
“Interpretation, Insight and New Compromise Formation”
Arnold Z. Pfeffer, M.D.

November 29, 1988
“Countertransference and Psychoanalytic Technique”
Sander M. Abend, M.D.

November 24, 1987
“A Mother’s Choice: Seventeen Years Later”
Eleanor Galenson, M.D.

November 11, 1986
“The Durable Core of Freud’s Empirical Science”
Morton F. Reiser, M.D.

November 26, 1985
“Transference: Terminable and Interminable”
Manuel Furer, M.D.

November 27, 1984
“Insight: Psychoanalytic Perspectives”
Edward D. Joseph, M.D.

November 29, 1983
“Notes on Masochism: A discussion of the history and development of a psychoanalytic concept”
William I. Grossman, M.D.

November 30, 1982
“The Fear of Knowledge”
Milton H. Horowitz, M.D.

November 12, 1981
“Scientific Cosmogony, Mythology and Immortality”
Jacob A. Arlow, M.D.

November 25, 1980
“Separation-Individuation and Aggression”
John B. McDevitt, M.D.

November 27, 1979
“Building a Clinical Theory—The Science of our Art”
Walter A. Stewart, M.D.

November 28, 1978
“Rondanini Pieta: Michelangelo’s Infantile Neurosis”
Andrew Peto, M.D.

November 30, 1977
“Maturational Variations and Genetic-Dynamic Issues”
Anniemarie P. Weil, M.D.

November 30, 1976
“Unconscious and Conscious Guilt, Remorse and Masochism”
Leo A. Spiegel, M.D.

November 25, 1975
“The Split Parental Imago in Adolescent Social Relations”
Peter Blos, Sr., Ph.D.

November 26, 1974
“The Fall of Man”
Kurt R. Eissler, M.D.

November 27, 1973
“A Psychoanalytic View of Mental Health: Samuel Pepys and His Diary”
Martin Stein, M.D.

November 14, 1972
“Perspectives on Memory”
Hans Loewald, M.D.

November 30, 1971
“Thoughts on Narcissism and Narcissistic Rage”
Heinz Kohut, M.D.

November 24, 1970
“Late Adolescence: Developmental Considerations”
Samuel Ritvo, M.D.

November 11, 1969
“The Exceptional Position of the Dream in Psychoanalytic Practice”
Ralph R . Greenson, M.D.

November 26, 1968
“Reflections on the Psychoanalytic Concept of Aggression”
Leo Stone, M.D.

November 28, 1967
“The Humanness of Human Beings: Psychoanalytic Considerations”
David Beres, M.D.

November 29, 1966
“Some Comments on Technical Precepts in Psychoanalysis”
Charles Brenner, M.D.

November 23, 1965
“Dreaming and Sexuality”
Charles Fisher, M.D.

November 24, 1964
“Comments on Object Relations in Schizophrenia and Perversion”
Robert C. Bak, M.D.

November 26, 1963
“Unconscious Phantasy and Disturbances of Conscious Experience”
Jacob A. Arlow, M.D.

November 27, 1962
“Thoughts About Developmental and Identity Problems in Psychoanalysis”
Margaret S. Mahler, M.D.

March 7, 1961
“Adolescent Moods and the Remodeling of Psychic Structures in Adolescence”
Edith Jacobson, M.D.

March 29, 1960
“Pathologic Forms of Self-Esteem Regulation”
Annie Reich, M.D.

March 30, 1959
“The Minutes of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society: An Introduction”
Herman Nunberg, M.D.

March 25, 1958
“Comments on the Scientific Aspects of Psychoanalysis”
Heinz Hartmann, M.D.

March 26, 1957
“Interpretation in Psychoanalysis”
Rudolph M. Loewenstein, M.D.

March 30, 1956
“Experiences of Awe in Childhood”
Phyllis Greenacre, M.D.

March 29, 1955
“A Type of Psychopath—Contribution to Ego Psychology”
Helene Deutsch, M.D.

March 30, 1954
“The Application of Some of the Psychology of Sleep and the Dream to Narcissistic Neurosis and Analytic Theory”
Bertram D. Lewin, M.D.

March 24, 1953
“The Homostatic Regulatory Function of the Ego”
Karl A. Menninger, M.D.

March 25, 1952
“Reflections on Character and Neurosis”
Robert Waelder, Ph.D.

March 27, 1951
“Turning Points in Freud’s Life”
Siegfried Bernfeld, Ph.D

November 14, 1950
“Freud’s Conception of Love”
Edward Hitschmann, M.D.

March 29, 1949
“Development of Psychoanalysis in America”
Clarence P. Oberndorf, M.D.

guidance • support • stress • anxiety • depression • conflict • hyperactivity • identity disorders • socialization • self-esteem •
guidance • support • stress • anxiety • depression • conflict • hyperactivity • identity disorders • socialization • self-esteem •
guidance • support • stress • anxiety • depression • conflict • hyperactivity • identity disorders • socialization • self-esteem •