During NYPSI’s centennial celebration, we offered a Classic Papers Series to commemorate our heritage.

Seminal papers from our archives, written by NYPSI analysts from the early groundbreaking years of psychoanalysis, were discussed by eminent current members.

A selection of the presented papers are available for download.* After you have chosen which paper(s) you wish to purchase and completed the payment process, a link will be sent to your email address, during NYPSI weekday business hours, which will allow you to download the paper(s).

* A $5 administrative charge may apply for select papers.

An Advance in Theory through Minimalism: A Review of Jacob Arlow’s “Unconscious Fantasy and Disturbances of Conscious Experience”
by Michele Press, M.D.
Presented March 15, 2011 at NYPSI

Annie Reich; Biography and Discussion of “Narcissistic Object Choice in Women”
by Edith McNutt, M.D.
Presented March 15, 2011 at NYPSI

A Discussion of Annie Reich’s Enduring Contributions as seen in her paper: Annie Reich: Pathological Forms of Self Esteem Regulation, PSC 15: 215-232
by Josephine Wright, M.D.
Presented March 15, 2011 at NYPSI

Scientific Cosmogony, Mythology and Immortality (unpublished paper presented 11/12/1981 for 33rd A.A. Brill Lecture) (photocopy courtesy international psychoanalysis.net)
by Jacob A. Arlow, M.D.